2016 Scholarship Recipients

2018 Scholarship Recipients


Each year we present at least 2 scholarships to Montgomery County high school seniors.

One scholarship is a four-year continuing scholarship of $1000 per year to a student with any major.  

Our one-year Lady Hooper Schaefer Fine Arts Scholarships of $1000 each are for students majoring in fine arts.   Application forms are available from Montgomery County high school counselors and should be postmarked by the deadline (set each year) and mailed to Conroe Service League at PO Box 1082 Conroe, TX 77305.  Auditions are scheduled by the scholarship chairperson once the applications have been received.  Please contact us                            for more information.

History of our Scholarship Program

The Conroe Service League Scholarship Program began in 1961 with a four-year scholarship.  In 1970, the League began to present one-year Fine Arts Scholarships.  Following the death of CSL sponsor, Lady Hooper Schaefer, the League decided to honor her by naming the scholarship the Lady Hooper Schaefer Fine Arts Scholarship presented by the Conroe Service League.

2018 - 11 students received a $1000 one-year scholarship

2018 - 1 student received a four-year continuing scholarship of $1000 per year in any major.